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Our Services...
See me in action!

*This video was filmed without me knowing until I turned around at the end.
As you can see I was quite surprised.

"ON LOCATION REPAIRS & TUNING - All Brands & Models... ON LOCATION REPAIRS & TUNING - All Brands & Models..."

Electronic Musical Instrument Repair

Artisan Sound Engines

Rebuilding and installation of Artisan sound engines and all the trimmings to make that organ of yours sound the best.

Refinishing available. Pickup and delivery available with contract of work to be done

Visit Artisan Organs

I rent Hammond B-3's with high powered Leslie Speakers for
one night concerts and/or weekly events.  Call for pricing in your area.


Maintenance and Repair  Refinishing and Restoration
Organ Rebuilding and Tuning Piano Services
Electronic and Digital Pianos, Portable Keyboards and Guitar Amps,
PA System Amps and Mixers

We also do MIDI add-ons to many makes and models.

Call or email with your make and model, as we can talk about what needs to be done.

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