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"Bass Bin"


Made for all 122 and 147 family types of Leslies. Adds Bass that is unbelievable to a Hammond organ. It never sounded SO GOOD. Variable crossover network, so you can chose where the frequency will cross over the bass to the mid range to drive the Leslie. 600 Watts of mean Bass. Lets the Leslie scream without "loading" it down with bass frequencies. Call, as I have one I can demonstrate in your church or home. 



A tone booster with bass and treble controls.  Gives more volume to the organ.  For use on Hammond organs, models B-3, C-3, A-100's, C-2, B-2's.  

"2 Speed" Motor Controller


This replaces that tired old slow speed motor that always causes trouble, with a controller board that changes the "fast" motor into a two speed motor.  To be used on all Leslies used on Hammond Organs.